The “Securant Solution” is the most advanced and secure wireless, hands free, fuel management, communication and bulk fuel delivery system available.

Securant’s patent-pending Automated Fueling Solution is an innovative and cost effective fuel management system for the management of fueling resources, designed in combination with the most advanced payment technologies available anywhere in the world.

The Securant Solution has revolutionized pump control and payment systems.

Utilizing cutting edge patent pending technology, the Securant Solution is a plug and play, high-speed wireless communication, control and payment network. It requires no integration with a fueling station’s existing infrastructure, gas and oil pumping technology or bulk delivery fuel systems.

Securant’s unique “Plug and Play” approach eliminates yesteryears complicated integration procedures and hence eliminates integration bugs, greatly reduces implementation costs and as a by-product, highly enhances the performance, security and stability of existing facilities.

Improving security to eliminate fraud in fueling systems is a growing concern for oil companies and fuel stations worldwide. Securant’s FuelSafe fuel management system is the most advanced wireless fuel control and payment management system in the industry. It offers complete control over fueling transactions and gives private motorists the speed and convenience they need—all with the added benefit of complete security.

As the leader in wireless methods of payment for the fuel industry, Securant used its extensive experience in fleet and fuel management to develop this patent pending system which ensures that the correct fuel is pumped to the correct vehicle by the correct driver – eliminating fraud and providing needed security and unprecedented convenience.

Securant’s plug and play technology works with any pump at any point of sale without the need for expensive integration.