The SecurNozzle is an advanced reader installed on the fueling nozzle.
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The SecurRing and SecurButton are “Smart Card” based tags that are installed around or next to the fueling inlet of the vehicle.
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The SecurTag is a long range “smart” tag that is installed on the vehicle windshield and supplies the secure identification information about the vehicle, its engine hours, location data (GPS data), odometer reading, speed reading, driver behavior (harsh breaking and acceleration) and CAN data (the vehicle on board computer data).
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The SecurID is a handheld “Smart Card” used to identify the driver in the fueling process.

The SecurPC is a powerful wireless computer that gets installed at the office and communicates with the existing station automation.

The Secur-e-Pump is a powerful wireless device that communicates with the SecurNozzle and SecurPC.